Economic Growth Resources is maintained by Jonathan Temple, Professor in Economics at the University of Bristol, UK, and now hosted as a blog by the ILRT (currently in a beta version). The site was set up in October 1995 to help growth researchers make the most of the internet, and was initially hosted by Nuffield College, Oxford. Usage grew rapidly and by 1999 the site received about 70,000 hits a year to the front page. In August 2001 the site was moved to its new home at the University of Bristol. Over May/June 2009 the site is being reformatted as a blog hosted by the ILRT; work on this is not finished, but continuing.

Since being set up, Economic Growth Resources has benefited from suggestions by Dan Brickley, Gavin Cameron, Eom Dong-Wook, William Easterly, Gerardo Esquivel, Oded Galor, Thomas Krichel, David Lancefield, Claudiney Pereira, and Guglielmo Volpe, among others. Yongfu Huang has helped in updating some of the reference lists. I am also grateful to Mark Lawton and Neil Shephard of Nuffield College for allowing me to set up the site, and to Nuffield College for hosting it from October 1995 until August 2001.