With the help of others, especially Yongfu Huang, I have compiled lists of references on several growth topics. The lists are definitely not exhaustive, and many important areas are not covered at all.

I would be grateful for contributions and suggestions, especially references to recent articles. Since the growth literature continues to expand ever more rapidly, these pages will in future give greatest prominence to surveys that provide a useful introduction to, and overview of, particular fields.

Note that a list of books on growth is also now available, and a guide to literature surveys (both articles and books), and these are more to up date than the themed pages.

Research topics

General interest | Convergence | Finance and growth | Regions | Research methods


Appropriate technology and macroeconomics January 2000
Augmented Solow model May 2006
Baumol’s unbalanced growth model November 2002
Competition and growth May 2006
Efficiency wages, unions, bargaining and growth March 2001
Energy and growth June 99
Environmental effects of growth: theory July 98
Equipment investment and growth May 2006
Ethnic diversity and growth May 2006
Evolution and growth February 2001
Fertility, population and growth May 2006
Fiscal policy May 2006
General purpose technologies May 2006
Geography and growth May 2006
Human capital May 2006
Inequality and growth May 2006
Inflation May 2006
Levels of income November 2002
Malthus to Solow August 2003
Mobility and growth May 2006
Openness July 2002
Scale effects May 2003
Social effects November 98
Summers-Heston data set August 2003
Transitional dynamics and endogenous growth October 2006
Unemployment and growth November 2002


Theoretical models of convergence October 2006
Cross-section approaches October 2006
Other approaches June 2004
Trade and convergence July 2006
International technology diffusion August 2003

Finance and growth

Finance and growth: theory August 2001
Finance and growth: evidence August 2001
Stock markets and growth August 2001


Growth in Africa November 2002
The New Economy in the USA and Europe November 2002

Research methods

Model uncertainty and growth regressions November 2002
Panel data studies August 2000

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