Updated August 2001

Note that large data sets used by Sachs and Warner have now been made available at the Center for International Development at Harvard. Files at that location should probably be used in preference to the files sachs.csv and open.csv available here.

These files were kindly made available by Andrew Warner, and relate to the following papers:

  • Sachs, J. D. and Warner, A. M. (1995) Economic reform and the process of global integration. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 1-118.
  • Sachs, J. D. and Warner, A. M. (1997a) Sources of slow growth in African economies. Journal of African Economies, 6(3), October, 335-376.
  • Sachs, J. D. and Warner, A. M. (1997b) Fundamental sources of long-run growth. American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May.

To download the files, hold down the left shift key and click, or click the right mouse button and choose ‘save link as’.

There are two data files. sachs.csv is a comma-separated text file containing most of the data for the regressions estimated in the May AER piece or the Africa paper. Documentation for the data is available as a text file.

Please note that the data file and documentation has been updated (January 1998). It was previously missing data for Hong Kong, and some variables. Using the current data set, it is now possible to replicate the Table 2 regressions from Sachs and Warner (1997a). Remember that these regressions exclude five outliers.

open.csv is a larger text file with a 0-1 variable, varying by country and year, indicating whether or not a country is open by the Sachs and Warner (1995) criteria.

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